Certification / Expertise


Types of Certificates of Origin (CO) provided by the ACCI:

  The department can prepare agreements and invoices. 

The ACCI:  #26 A. Melashvili Street, Batumi 6000, Georgia.

Email: lamzira@acci.ge, lasha@acci.ge

For additional information contact 24/24:

Tel: (+995) 597 804 111; (+995) 592 401 540



The expert inspection department at the ACCI performs independent commodity inspections. We maintain contacts with 40 experts whom work in a variety of fields. They provide objective assessments of goods which result in the legal certification of the inspected goods. For additional information...

For the examination of goods, one must provide the following documents.

Please download the above mentioned application form, which should be filled in and submitted at the ACCI’s office, or scanned and sent to the email address below.  After the delivery of the documents you will receive an Email or SMS confirmation. 

Inspection Department #26 A. Melashvili Street, Batumi 6000, Georgia.

Email: acci@acci.ge; vakhtang.gachava5@gmail.com

For additional information contact 24/24:

Tel: (+995) 558 211 551; (+995) 514 010 761


Conditions of Inspection

Applications for the inspection and grading of goods should be submitted to the Inspection Department one to two days before the inspection. In the case of sample extraction for inspection, the samples must be representative and adhere to technical norms and standards.  Expert inspectors should be provided with adequate and comfortable working conditions in which to perform their duties. Transport to and from the site of inspection should also be provided.